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2017 Global ICT Excellence Awards

Award banner

We are extremely pleased to launch the nomination phase of our 2017 Global ICT Excellence Awards! AWITSA holds its Global ICT Excellence Awards in conjunction with the Gala Dinner at every World Congress on IT. The 2017 Awards are slated to be held on September 12, 2017 at WCIT 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The 2017 Awards will include the following award categories:

  1. Public Sector,
  2. Private Sector,
  3. Digital Opportunity,
  4. Sustainable Growth
  5. Mobile Excellence
  6. Innovative eHealth Solutions
  7. WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions

WITSA is also very pleased to announce a unique opportunity for WITSA member companies to showcase their digital solutions and be recognized for their innovative solutions capable of transforming or positively impacting the well‐being, prosperity, connectivity or productivity of others around the world through WITSA’s 2017 Emerging Digital Solutions Program. This new WITSA initiative will culminate at the 2017 World Congress on IT in Taipei, Taiwan (September 10‐13).

If you consider that your company has an innovative solution that meets WEDs criteria, and your solution has already been implemented and effective in one or more locations, WITSA encourages you to apply for a WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS 2017 award.

We request the assistance of all WITSA members to nominate well-qualified candidates. Each member is allowed to nominate a total of seven candidates (note: no more than three nominees in one single category).

The deadline for forwarding the nominees to WITSA is July 31,2017.Please send your nominations to Anders Halvorsen as well as Cathryn Rainey at your earliest opportunity and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

We encourage all WITSA members to participate in the 2017 Awards Program; its success will be a direct result of our members submitting high‐quality nominations. All members are urged to begin the process of nominating candidates immediately. The 2017 Global ICT Excellence Awards will give your member companies an opportunity to give their “best customers” the recognition they deserve, but will also benefit your association as well as provide a valuable addition to the Congress program. Previously submitted nominations may be re‐nominated, provided information is updated as appropriate.

Thank you in advance for your participation!